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W.E.T. Pros is the partner for professionals and up-and-coming talent in the field of Wind Turbine Technicians

What can W.E.T. Pros bring to your company?

Sustainability is paramount at W.E.T. Pros, which is why we like to establish long-term relationships. Together we will explore what we can do for you. At W.E.T. Pros, we have made the choice to work with one specialty: wind turbine technicians. Therefore, we are completely at home in this field and can offer a lot of added value to you as an employer.

We focus on wind turbine technicians and work with these technicians to build a valuable long-term relationship. We have divided the technicians we work with into two categories: up-and-coming talent and professionals. We focus on offshore employees but do not exclude onshore.

Up-and-coming talent

W.E.T. Pros knows better than anyone how important it is to recruit new technical talent within the wind energy industry. In this industry there are unique opportunities for this group. That is why W.E.T. Pros offers many opportunities for up-and-coming talent in wind energy. Our definition of up-and-coming talent is large; we include technicians who are following or have just completed a technical education, but also technicians who want to make a transition from another field to wind energy.
W.E.T. Pros arranges a good start for this group within wind energy. This means that an up-and-coming talent with no knowledge of wind energy first gets a clear picture of working in this industry from us. In this way, we can avoid wrong expectations and major disappointments later on. Furthermore, we provide training and courses so that an aspiring wind turbine technician has all the necessary papers in his or her pocket to start working within your team immediately.


We are active in one specific field and therefore we have a large network in this industry and speak to many professionals in this industry. We know what is going on in the domain of wind energy, follow all developments, speak the same jargon as professionals and understand their wishes and needs in a job like no other. This is how we know very quickly how to make the right match between employer and employee.

The right match often means a long-term working relationship in which the employee will be of increasing value. And does your future employee not have all the desired certificates? Then W.E.T. Pros will provide the desired courses and training so that this professional meets the requirements within your company.

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