Job profiles

Why job profiles?
At W.E.T. Pros we work with various job profiles within the field of wind turbine technicians. Depending on your wishes, needs, knowledge and experience, one or more job profiles will suit you. Do you not yet fully meet the profile? Then we offer you courses and training so that you can start working with the necessary knowledge immediately.

Discuss things with us and together we will find both the position that best suits you and the employer that best suits your needs.

These are the positions we offer:

Wind Turbine Technician Offshore

Working with wind turbines equipped with the latest technologies and going on a great adventure every day. You can do this as an offshore wind turbine technician.

Wind Turbin Technician Onshore

Using your technical skills and talent in wind energy. You can do this as a wind turbine technician. A profession full of (career) opportunities and job guarantees for the future.

Electrical Wind Turbine Technician offshore

Do you use your electrical talent while working as a Wind Turbine technician and would you like to take the next step in your career?

Electrical wind turbine technician onshore

Do you already have experience in the field of Wind Turbine Technician and are you ready for the next step? Use your electrical skills and develop them further.

Wind Turbine Troubleshooter Offshore

Are you ready to embark on a big adventure and use your skills to make sure that every wind turbine that comes to a standstill at sea starts up again? If so, this is the challenge for you.

Wind Turbine Troubleshooter Onshore

Kan jij met jouw technische skills en ervaring in de windenergie ervoor zorgen dat iedere windmolen weer aan het draaien gaat? Dan ben jij een echte troubleshooter.


My name is Jordy Bouwmeester and together with our whole team we are ready to find you the best job as wind turbine technician!