Our working method

W.E.T. Pros is a knowledge center and specialist in the field of wind turbine technicians. The technicians we help find suitable jobs and their personal development are our main focus. We offer experienced wind turbine technicians the right support and resources to take the next step in their career and give up-and-coming talent the opportunity to enter this field.

We stand for honest, safe and personal guidance in finding that one right job that really makes you happy. And in turn, we make employers happy with skilled and motivated employees.

We find it important that you feel comfortable with the way we work. To give you an idea of how we work when you are looking for a new challenge through us, we have mapped out a step-by-step process. Would you prefer one of the steps to take place in a different way? Not a problem at all, we will adapt to your wishes.

This is what our step-by-step plan looks like

This is what the step-by-step process looks like if you join W.E.T. Pros in taking on the adventure within wind energy.

1. The first contact

You call or email us, or we contact you. We organize our process according to your wishes and do everything by mutual agreement. During a call we go through the possibilities for you as a wind energy technician. If, after a brief introduction, you are still interested in working in this industry, it is time for the next step.

2. The details

We have discussed together what we can do for each other and therefore we would like to receive your details so that we can start working for you. We will send you an e-mail with a list of the required documents such as your CV. You answer the e-mail and attach the documents. Once we have received all your documents, we will prepare the next step.

3. Introduction

We will get to know each other better through a personal or digital interview. This way we can get a better impression of each other and discuss everything in detail. An important part of this conversation is going through the different job profiles together. Together we look at which job profile best suits you based on your wishes and needs.
As a wind energy technician, you need many different certificates in order to work as a qualified technician. Depending on your knowledge and experience, you may already possess some or all of these certificates. What if you don't? Not a problem at all. We will arrange training and courses for you to get started in your favorite job.

4. Impression of the field

Are you not yet familiar with the work of a wind energy technician? In that case it is important that you get a good impression before you get all the necessary certificates, and we find an employer that suits you. We can arrange this for you in various ways. For example, through videos, an interview with an expert by experience from the field, a visit to the workplace, and so on. Together we choose what suits you or what you need.

Are you still convinced that you want to work as a wind energy technician? Then you can start training to obtain the certificates you want.

5. Certificates

In step 3, we discussed which certificates you still need to obtain and when you will attend training or courses to do so. This step focuses on obtaining the certificates so that you can then start discussions with a potential employer.

6. Interview with your new employer

Meanwhile we have selected the right employer in consultation with you and planned an interview for you. Do you have several interesting employers in mind? Then we will plan several interviews so you can judge for yourself which employer suits you best. Would you like to have a second interview with an employer? Or would an employer like to see you again? Then of course we will plan a new appointment.

7. Agreement

The time has come. The employment contract is ready for you. Will you read it again carefully before signing it?

If you'd like to do that with us this is of course possible. Once the contract is signed, it's time to celebrate. We will make sure that you enjoy your new job and can celebrate as you wish. This is something we have already discussed in step 3. Congratulations on your new challenge!

8. Aftercare

Out of sight but certainly not out of mind. When you have found your new challenge, we won't see and speak to each other as often as we used to but we won't forget you. We stay in contact with each other and make sure that you can still enjoy fun activities such as a nice barbecue with other technicians from the field or a lecture about the latest techniques. In addition, you can always take courses through us to continue to develop yourself in this innovative field.


My name is Jordy Bouwmeester and together with our whole team we are ready to find you the best job as wind turbine technician!