Offshore wind turbine technician

Will you become the next offshore Wind Turbine Technician?

Want to apply your technical knowledge and experience in wind energy?
You can do that both on land and at sea. Whether mechanical, electrical or all-round skilled, your technical skills are of great value for the maintenance and repair of the wind turbines. With training and courses, we prepare you for this field so you can work with turbines equipped with the latest techniques. This way you also contribute to a better world.

What makes this job so much fun?
As an offshore wind turbine technician you will maintain and repair wind turbines placed at sea. Depending on the location of the wind turbines, you work a schedule of 7 consecutive days followed by 7 days off or a schedule of 14 days followed by 14 days off. These days off are of course paid.

By helicopter or boat, you will be taken to your work destination every day. Once you arrive at the windmill, it is time to rise to a higer altitude. At a height of 150 meters you will arrive at the turbine house. As you perform maintenance, you will adhere to clear instructions. You perform inspections, replace various parts, and deal with the fluids and lubricants. In short, basically everything needed to keep the wind turbine running as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Besides planned maintenance, you sometimes have to deal with malfunctions. It is then up to you to identify and solve the problem. You will of course receive support in this whenever possible.

As a wind turbine technician, you never work alone. There are at least two of you and you always work in a team. And how about lunch together with a beautiful view of the roof.

What do we ask of you?
Technology is your passion, and you can work day and night. You feel responsible for your work and have no problem working according to safety protocols. You work both independently and in a team and are eager to learn in order to keep up with the latest techniques.

With a (nearly) completed MBO education level 4 in the direction of Electrical Engineering, AOT (General Operational Techniques), Mechanical Engineering, Aviation or a comparable level of knowledge obtained through work experience and courses, you will fit right in with us. As a wind turbine technician offshore you will work together with your colleagues in an informal atmosphere to contribute to the energy transition. In addition:

  • Being away from home for 7 or 14 consecutive days is no problem for you
  • Are you fluent in Dutch and English?
  • Working at height is not a problem for you

What do we offer you?
To get started in this position, you need a number of certificates. Do you not have these yet? Then you can follow the necessary training and courses at our expense. We will make sure you are fully equipped to get started.

Wind energy technology is an industry with a lot of security for the future and a job guarantee. You continuously work with the latest technologies. It is a diverse job in which you are never alone. And do you have ambitions to grow? Then this is the place for you.

Of course, we offer you an excellent salary that is based on your knowledge and experience and excellent benefits.

Who we are?
We are W.E.T. Pros which stands for Wind Energy Transition Professionals. We specialize in wind turbine technicians. We help professionals in this field to find that one job with the best suitable employer and we guide newcomers in entering this field. A work field with job guarantee, the latest technologies, a good salary and many more benefits.

Do you see yourself working as a wind turbine technician offshore or would you like more information? Please contact us or upload your resume. We are ready to start the adventure with you. Call us at 06-126 579 41 or send an e-mail to

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My name is Jordy Bouwmeester and together with our whole team we are ready to find you the best job as wind turbine technician!