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Professionals in Wind Energy

Professional in Wind Energy
W.E.T. Pros specializes in the field of wind turbine technicians: the technicians who build, repair and maintain wind turbines. We are well versed in the world of wind energy engineering and are constantly monitoring the latest developments in this market so we can adapt our guidance accordingly.

But we do much more. Through us you can also follow courses and training to, for example, make a next step in your career as a professional in wind energy. Do you want to grow from maintenance engineer to troubleshooter? Or from onshore to offshore? We will make sure you get the right certificates.

On our job profiles page, you will find the various positions in which we can offer you a new challenge. Together we will take on the adventure to ensure that you find the perfect job with a suitable employer. This is how you bring out the best version of yourself.
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My name is Jordy Bouwmeester and together with our whole team we are ready to find you the best job as wind turbine technician!